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Hi, I´m Melanie :) 

​I´m 25 years old, I live on the countryside of beautiful Northern Germany and for almost three years now I've held my beloved OM System camera as often in my hands as a piece of chocolate. I always wanted to do something creative after school and then I got my Bachelor and Master in Product and Jewelry Design. During my exchange semester in Australia  I also got into photography. Since then  photography became a main part of my life. 

My photography is focusing on the Outdoor- Lifestyle. In the last years I've had the opportunity to travel around the world and to accompany exciting projects with outdoor brands, companies or magazines. If I could I would love to explore every country on this planet. With my photography I want to get the viewer as much excited about the Outdoors and traveling as I am. 

In my freetime you can usually find me on next mountain peak, on a road trip with my tiny little car,  camping, hiking or doing sports. I´m fascinated by nature and it's many colors, shapes and structures. But what fascinates me the most is light. It's  crazy how light can change mood, atmosphere or even a whole place.  

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